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Langebaan is a gorgeous venue for living, but let’s not kid ourselves, this little beaut often gets windy enough to blow the milk out of your coffee! Being one of the world’s foremost playgrounds for kitesurfers it comes as no surprise. Unfortunately the windy weather combined with warm  summers serve as a catalyst for fires. The cool ocean breeze isn’t innocent either, the moist air introduces a plethora of problems for our belongings, erosion being the most concerning. This is why cars and motorcycles closer to the ocean have a shorter life expectancy than those commuting further inland.

As a west-coast local, you are already aware of these aforementioned facts, but I think it deserves mentioning as it is of the utmost importance when making a purchase in the west-coast. As west-coast locals ourselves here at West Coast Shutters we are aware of the resilience required by our products and are proud to announce that we can deliver on exactly that. If something does happen to your product we offer a 10 year warranty on our hurricane and security shutters, a 5 year warranty on duradoor ® security gates, 3 year warranty on thermowood shutters and finally a 2 year warranty on window blinds.


For Langebaan we highly recommend our hurricane shutters if your home is battling with the wind day in and day out. These shutters were specifically designed to protect your windows and doors from hurricane-like winds without compromising aesthetics.


Hurricane Shutters Langebaan

  • These shutters are extremely versatile and can be installed outdoors or indoors, in any opening.

  • They are available in standard colors white and bronze, but custom colors are available for an additional fee.

  • Although this product is made from very durable aluminium, they do not deliver on security like shutterguard®.

  • Hurricane Shutters come in a wide range of styles, making it suitable for any opening.






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